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Madrid Airport Terminal Building

The plan Barajas has been drawn up to expand and reform the existing Madrid-Barajas Airport

With this goal in mind 280 companies more than 100 architects and engineers, 1.000 technicians and 6.000 professionals are working, under the direction and supervision of Aena, on a 25 km2 area to edify nearly one million square metres of buildings that will make your stay at the new Madrid-Barajas Airport safer, easier and more pleasant.

A space for progress, development and prospects for the region and the country. A huge endeavour that is already underway in two major operations: The new Terminal Area and the Airfield expansion.

The construction of the new Terminal Area takes into consideration the new requirements of air transportation and the steady growth of the number of aircraft and passengers.

Among its main projects is the construction of a new Terminal Building, a complementary Satellite Building, a new Parking Building consisting of six modules with five floors each, an Automated People Mover, a new Automated Baggage Handing System and the underground Rerouting of the M-111 Highway.

A large service area that will be complemented with the realization of other operations such as the construction of Aircraft Aprons, Electric Power Stations, and a Cogeneration Power Plant.

Madrid-Barajas will be able to serve 70 million passengers a year
The centre of activity of Madrid-Barajas Airport’s new Terminal Area will be a large, modern and functional Terminal Building flexible enough to absorb the rapidly evolving air traffic, consisting of three differentiated module: check-in, processing and docking.

A new Barajas destined to become a major hub airport, and airport that shall be a crucial centre for connections and activity between Europe and America, an important transfer station for airlines to connect their continental and overseas flights.

Nearly half a million square metres will serve over 35 million passengers a year, up to 10.400 passengers during peak hours, in 38 boarding gates. In addition, the new Terminal Building will devote more than 29.000 m2 exclusively to a shopping area, with all sorts of stores, services and restaurants for passenger entertainment and leisure.

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