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Madrid Airport Accesses

The Plan Barajas also stipulates a series of measures designed to improve airport accesses. With this target in mind, two types of reforms are underway, which are meant to facilitate and make more comfortable your trip to the terminal itself: the highway accesses and the train and Metro (underground) accesses.

A new more accessible Barajas with more transportation options. Among the additional connecting elements are: The north-south axis and the N-100 access road with the east-northeast axis. A new Parking Building, adjacent to the new Terminal Building, which will consists of six annexed modules of five floors each.

The entire complex will occupy a total surface of 309.000 m2 and will be equipped with 12 escalators, 24 lifts, 14 automated walkways and different ramps designed to help you get around faster. All told, almost 9.000 perfectly indicated new parking places that will duplicate the current capacity in order to make your stay at the airport more pleasant.

To build a more functional and more efficient new Barajas, Arena’s efforts has improved and detour of the M-111 roadway which goes from Barajas to Paracuellos del Jarama, thus avoiding its crossing the new facilities.

The length of this stretch of highway will be 3.300 metres, three quarters of which are tunnel. This tunnel has four openings, two of which the central ones, are used by M-111 traffic (one for each way), a third exclusively for airport services, and a fourth a public service road.

Each hole has a width of 12.6 metres; a width that allows for two way traffic and that will increase tha traffic capacity to 6.000 vehicles during rush hour.

Since 2002, flying from Madrid has become even quicker and more convenient. The Nuevos Ministerios Check-In Service allows Barajas users to check in in the centre of Madrid and make full use of their time in the capital. The major airlines and handling companies (Iberia, Spanair, Air Europa and Ineuropa) let you buy your ticket and check in at the station, where Aena has installed monitor to keep passengers informed about flight departures.

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