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Madrid Airport Handling

The goods reception and distribution premises constitute another terminal in its own right on the south side, dedicated exclusively to handing all types of cargo.

Centros logísticos Aeroportuarios, S.A. a subsidiary of Aena manages the Madrid –Barajas Air Cargo Centre and the 304.383 tons that pass through the airport. Altogether, 300.000 square metres on seven floors of office space house more than 200 sector companies.

The General Services Building houses the office area and one commercial area. The official services are also to be found here: the Customs House, handling all matters related to customs and exceise; the Ministry of Health and Consumption to supervise the suitability of products for human consumption, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, to inspect live animals and products of vegetable origin; and the Ministry of Science and Technology, supervising goods imports and exports.

The Cargo Centre is built around two separate areas: The first one is built around the aircraft parking and loading bay, allowing on-the-spot customised installations operating in ideal conditions. This is the realm of 16 handling and autohandling operators, couriers and integrators.

The second provides the ideal environment for roughly twenty cargo agents who deal with matters related to the operators mentioned previously or any other transport and distribution company.

Madrid –Barajas Airport is home to the world’s major passenger airlines, both regular and charter, as well as the most important air cargo lines.

Altogether, over seventy companies let the passenger choose whichever best suits his or her flight requirements.

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