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Madrid Airport Terminal Area

The new Madrid-Barajas terminal is to be Spain’s largest public building (the T4 and its complementary Satellite Building) and there will be four runways, parallel in twos that can be used simultaneously, thus greatly speeding up takeoff and landing and doubling its capacity up to 120 operations per hour.

A door that opens ever wider. That’s the Madrid Barajas development strategy, with protective , corrective and compensatory measures to protect the environment and a particular sensibility towards protecting the population from acoustic contamination.

A door that opens up daily to 172.000 direct indirect and generated jobs, with particular importance for the local population and the Madrid Community economy.

The new Terminal Area of the Madrid Barajas Airport will be equipped with an Automated Baggage Handling System (SATE) which will permit the processing of 16.500 suitcases per hour, and it will have a storage capacity of 2000 early check-in suitcases.

This is a baggage handling system which is easier and faster for you and more efficient and functional for the airport, since each baggage will be labelled with a bar code that will identify and categorize it so that it can then be recognized by optical instruments, with the surveillance of artificial vision, and taken automatically to the corresponding airplane.

The SATE will consists of nearly 92 Km of conveyor belts, of which some 42 km will move at high speed and be capable of transporting baggage at a speed over to 10 meters per second.

The 1999 Master Plan contemplates the expansion of the Barajas Airport with two new runways both 3.500 metres long and 60 metres wide, named 15L-33R and 18L-36R which will be parallel to the two existing ones and that will be equipped with the facilities necessary for permitting aircraft operations on low visibility conditions.

Thus the new airport which projects the construction of associated taxiways, manoeuvring areas and operations system, will be equipped with a total of four runways capable of absorbing 120 aircraft movements an hour.

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