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Warner Bros Madrid

Warner BROS Park Movie World Madrid

Carretera M-301 km 15.500
San Martin de la Vega
Tel.: 918-211-300
Fax: 918-211-301

Interesting details of the Park

Suburban train station called parquet . It takes 20 minutes from the Atoche train station.
National highway IV of Andalusia.
It has 25 rides including 5 roller coasters, 1 free fall tower, 1 Space Simulator, 3 water rides and 7 shows. It also has 17 restaurants.

The Warner Bros Park opened its doors to the public in the spring of 2002. In has an extension of 250 hectareas with fun rides surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent restaurants. Its five big thematic areas are based on the world of the cinema:

Hollywood Boulevard

On the streets of Hollywood the artists and very known lively characters of the seventh art stroll around. In this area one can enjoy 3-D shows, animations, special affects and artificial fire works.

Cartoon Village

Some of the sited that can be seen here are. The Loony Tunes Air mail, the Acme Factory Tour, the Tom and Jerry Rollercoaster and the Daffy duck Bumper Cars. You can also visit Bugs Bunny´s House and the Daffy Duck´s Dressing Room.

Old West Territory

This area is dedicated to the old West, it is decorated just like the sets of legendary movies like Brave River. For most daring individual, there is a wooden 35 meter high rollercoaster with some impressive waterfalls.

Superhoeroes World

This area of the Park offers the most intrepid visitors the chance to free fall from the Tower od the Vengeance of the Enigma as well as visit the Ghostly Gotham city with a show with the one and only Batman.

Warner Bros

This area is dedicated to the Warner Bros. Studios, Here you can watch the best stuntmen of Hollywood representing amusing and risky scenes. Some of the shows that can be seen include police Academy and Lethal Weapon, in which the stuntmen move with skill in shoot outs car chases and explosions. This is all toped off a by fantastic special affects.

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