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Madrid Casa de Campo

Trade Fair Grounds of La Casa de Campo
Avenida Portugal s/n
Tel: 915-889-393
Fax: 915-889-385

The company Campo de las Naciones mages these trade fair grounds located in one of the greenest and most symbolic places in the capital. La Casa de Campo. It has several pavilions where social events, meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs and presentations are organized. It has wide outdoor spaces and an eating area. El Paseo de la Gastronomia, where the most prestigious Spanish cooks can be found. The most important buildings include:

Pavilion for Conventions

It is in the Avenida Principal, inside the Parque Festivo. It has 2.727 square meters for exhibitions, with an interior PA system heating, air conditioning, alarm system. Meeting rooms, public telephones, cafeteria, parking, gardens and several phone lines.

Crystal Pavilion

It is located in the Calle de las Aves. It has 18.500 square meters for exhibitions, conferences, conventions, presentations, telephone booths, cash machines p, parking, cafeteria, air condition, heating and a medical service.

The Pipe

It is on the Avenida Principal. It has an extension of 7.980 square meters and offers the following services: public telephone, cafeteria, heating, air conditioning and several phone lines.


In this theatre they organize concerts, shows and conferences. It is on the Avenida principal inside the Parque Festivo. It has several dressing rooms a cloakroom, a cafeteria, several ticket windows, a PA system an administration area and six simultaneous translation booths.

Pavilion 9

It is located on the Calle de las Aves and it has a parking lot, public telephone, office, cloakroom a storage area and several benches.

Pavilion 12

It is on the Calle de las Aves. It is used for conferences, meetings, conventions and fairs. It has a surface area of 1486 square meters and several general services like heating, warehouse, public telephone, phone lines and parking.

Festive Park

This landscape enclosure has tree-lined paths. Its outdoor surface area measures 19.652 square meters and its covered pavilions have a total surface area of 5.830 square meters.

This pavilion is suitable for holding meetings and exhibitions. It is in the Parque Festivo and holds 800 people. It offers the following services: storage area, a hall, air conditioning, heating and PA system.

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