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Madrid Theaters and Opera

Royal Theater
Plaza de Oriente s/n
Tel. 91-516-06-70
Fax: 915-160-657
For the lovers of the Opera and dance this is a perfect place to visit. The building is located in the Madrid of the Hapsburgs; Apart from the theatre it has a restaurant and several halls for celebrating private events. It was constructed in 1850 and the last renovation was completed in 1997. Today it is the great opera theatre of Madrid.

National Auditorium of Music

Principe de Vergara 146
Tel.: 91-337-01-40

Cultural Center of the Villa
Plaza de Colón s/n
Tel.: 915-756-080

Albeniz Theater
Calle de la Paz 11
Tel.: 91-521-09-81

Alcázar Theater
Alcalá 20
Tel.: 91-532-06-16

Comedy Theater
Principe 14
Tel: 91-521-49-31
It was inaugurated in 1875 and is considered one of the most beautiful theaters in the capital. It had to be reconstructed after a fire in 1915.

La Zarzuela Theater
Jovellanos 4
Tel.: 91- 524-54-00
Jerónimo de la Gándara and José María Guallart the designers of this building used the La Scala de Milán as a model.
The Zarzuela is the Spanish operetta which greatly characterizes Spain. The composers and Zarzuela writers have countless legendary musical compositions, which have become part of the Spanish musical tradition. And of course the Zarzuela developed and became famous in Madrid. The name Zarzuela comes from a small palace in El Pardo that was surrounded by brambles and where theatre shows were performed for the king Felipe the 4th. The 19th century was the Golden Age for this music genre. Composers like Rafael Hernando, Gaztambide and Arrieta, along side writers like Camprodón and Ventura de la Vega composed magnificent works and gave the world of the theatre such spectacular and The Blue Domino. The height of the Spanish operetta brought about the opening of the Zarzuela theatre in 1856. The famous work Bread and bulls, which was written by José Picón with music by Barbieri, was performed here in 1864.

Spanish Theater
Teatro Español
C/Principe 25
Tel.: 91- 429-62-97
Although in 1745 the theater called Teatro del Príncipe had already been built, it was not until Juan de Villanueva refurbished the building in 1849 that is acquired its present appearance and name. This building was declared a National Monument. Inside it preserves an extensive patrimony including sculptures by Gisbert and the figure – plates designed by Dalí for the performance of Don Juan Tenorio. During the 19th century the first literary café the Café Principe was established adjacent to the teater. It was the famous place for the literary gathering of El Parnasillo. José de Espronceda and Larra were some of its most frequent customers.

La Latina Theater
Plaza de la Cebada 2
Tel.: 91-365-28-35

Lope de vega Theater
Gran Vía 57
Tel.: 91-548-70-91

María Guerrero Theater
Tamayo y Baus 4
Tel.: 91-532-01-10

Monumental Theater
Atocha 65
Tel.: 914-291-281

Nuevo Apolo Theater
Plaza de Tirso de Molina 1
Tel.: 91-369-06-37

Pavón El Clásico Theater
Embajadores 9
Tel. 915-756-080

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