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Madrid Surroundings

The beautiful Castilian city of Avila raises above a rocky area from which one can admire the valley of Amblés. This walled city has a rich monumental patrimony. Some of its most spectacular sites include the wall that surrounds the city, which stretches more than two kilometres, the Gothic Cathedral with the main altarpiece by Berruguete, the Palace of the Deans of the Cathedral that houses the Municipal Museum and Convent of Santa Teresa, which was built over the Saint’s birthplace. Also of Saint Thomas, this has three beautiful cloisters inside.

The city of Segovia is located 87 km from Madrid. It is one of the wealthiest architectural and monumental cities of Spain. The impressive roman aqueduct that crosses the city is the symbol of Segovia. This aqueduct dates back to the 1st century and it has 166 arches with granite ashlars. Other architectural wonders of the city are Cathedral and the Fortress, which offer beautiful views of the city. Segovia also has many Romanesque temples like the Church of San Millán, the church of San Martín and the Church of San Esteban.

The historical city of Toledo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is located on the banks of the Tagus River. This beautiful city is 85 Kilometres from Madrid. It is surrounded by pictures, forest and sowed fields. The city shares with the visitor the thousand and one wonders of art and monuments that it possesses. Three different cultures cohabited this magnificent cultural and artistic legacy – Among the buildings and important historical sites it is necessary to point out: the Gate of the Bisagra, which is of Arab origin as well as the Fortress built during the reign od Carlos the 5th. The cathedral, the Mosque of the Christ of the Light and the Synagogue of Santa María la Branca. One of the most picturesque places of this city is the medieval layout of the cheer full square of Zocodover, which has many restaurants.


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